Fall 2019 Workshops

Heart of Texas Bead Retreat

Fall 2019

October 17 – 20, 2019

Sheraton Conference Center

Georgetown, Texas

Laura McCabe

Laura McCabe is a primarily self-taught beadweaver with an education in historical costume reproduction and restoration, and anthropology. She produces elaborately beaded body adornment and sculpture that combines Native American, African, and Victorian beadweaving techniques with modern materials and color schemes.

She started Just Let Me Bead in 1995, at which time she sold her original designs to boutiques and museum shops. In 2002, she began teaching her art and has continue to do so across the US and throughout the world. She exhibits her work in national and international beadwork exhibitions, and sells some of her finished work on line.

She maintains a private studio in Hampton, Connecticut where she, her husband Michael and a dog named Lucy continue to live the creative life.

Laura’s Resume

To view more of Laura’s designs, visit Laura McCabe

True Blue Necklace


The spectacular Bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas and with its vibrant blues and greens, lends itself perfectly to a stunning beadwork design.  This design features bluebonnet flowers, each constructed using innovative combination stitching, then attached to the stem which is extended out into a neck strap.  These flower forms can be used as a single cluster necklace, a two-cluster lariat or both can be combined to create a stunning 3-cluster neck bouquet! Techniques include peyote stitch, herringbone stitch and chenille stitch.  Proficiency in all three stitches is highly recommended.

Artist: Laura McCabe
Workshop: This is a one-day workshop designed for The Heart of Texas Bead Retreat October 2019
Skill Level: Intermediate
Techniques: Peyote, Herringbone and Chenille stiches
Materials: Click HERE

Kit Color Options: Click HERE    Laura is not asking for Kit Color selection pre-orders.

Kit:  Kits are available in two colorways for both One Cluster Necklace and Two Cluster Lariat.
Prices vary slightly depending on cost of beads and whether or not you choose pearls or crystal beads for your blossoms.
Necklace (one cluster)
Classic (blue & green) $65. w/ pearls or $77. w/ crystal beads
Sepia (brown & light blue) $50. w/ pearls or $62. w/ crystal beads

Lariat (two clusters)
Classic (blue & green) $75. w/ pearls or $95. w/ crystal beads
Sepia (brown & light blue) $55. w/ pearls or $75. w/ crystal beads

Students should bring: Lighting/Magnification, Fireline, your usual beading supplies.

Kimberly Stathis

Throughout my life, I have always needed a creative outlet. I have played with many different types of media’s and loved them all. The media that really captured my heart and inspired my creative soul is seedbeads! There is just something alluring and special about those little bits of colored glass that I cannot resist. I love the challenge of designing with seedbeads using off-loom techniques. So many colors, textures and shapes! So many ways to express yourself with beads.

I been teaching my designs nationally for the past thirteen years. It is my hope that students will be inspired by what they have learned in class and continue to do beadwork and enjoy it as much as I do.

My designs have been published in the Bead and Button magazine and in Larks Showcase 500 Jewelry Book.

To view more of Kim’s designs, visit Kimberly Stathis.

Circular Pathways

Description:  The pendant for the necklace uses a solid wooden round ball as an armature to support and shape the circular beadwork covering. Pearls and crystals stitched over the surface of the pendant add texture and sparkle.  The pendant hangs from two herringbone straps and attaches to a central component of beadwork using pearls for a bit of elegance.  A slip over the head pearl necklace strap constructed using right angle weave with top embellishments complete the necklace.

Artist: Kimberly Stathis
Workshop: This is a one-day workshop designed for The Heart of Texas Bead Retreat October 2019
Skill Level: Advanced
Techniques: This project uses circular peyote, herringbone, netting and right angle weave stitches.  Individuals are expected to know how to do peyote stitch with increases and be able to recognized areas of increases within the beadwork.  Some experience with right angle weave, herringbone and netting stitches will be helpful to complete the project.
Materials:  Click HERE
Kit: $145
Kit Color Options:

  • Mauve Kit – Iris gold 24K delicas capped with Mauve Metallic seedbeads.  Lavender, mint green and  gold accents.  White Swarovski pearls and Lt. Amy 2xab crystals
  • Cobalt Kit – Matte cobalt delicas capped with Irid. green 24K seedbeads.  Teal, gold and cranberry accents.  Vintage Gold Swarovski pearls and Amy 2xab crystals
  • Turquoise – Matte turquoise delicas capped with Matte 24K seedbeads.  Lavender, turquoise and matte gold accents.  Platinum Swarovski pearls and Ind. Sapphire 2xab crystals.

Students should bring: Lighting/Magnification, your usual beading supplies.


Maggie Meister

Maggie’s love of ancient history, color and patterns has followed her throughout her life. She uses seed beads, gemstones, focal beads, and a variety of beadweaving stitches – Peyote, Right Angle Weave, St. Petersburg, to name just a few- to translate designs found in mosaics, frescoes, architecture and jewelry into sculptural bead art to wear.

Maggie has taught and continues to teach workshops nationally and internationally throughout Europe. Her work has been shown in London, Milan and Naples and has been featured in ORNAMENT MAGAZINE, Beadwork Magazine, Bead and Button, and a variety of books. She has written a book, CLASSICAL ELEGANCE, for Lark Books as part of their Master Beadweaving Series.

To view more of Maggie’s designs, visit Maggie Meister 

Farnese Cuff

Description:Farnese Cuff is an adaptation and expansion of a previous project. The medallion in the center is made with a variation of Right Angle Weave (base row only) and circular peyote following a
subtle (or not) color pattern. A bezeled cubic zirconia tops off the medallion to create a piece
inspired by the Renaissance period. The cuff itself is made with Right Angle Weave using a
variety of shaped beads.

Artist: Maggie Meister
Workshop: This is a one-day (6-hr) workshop.
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced: Participants must be comfortable with Flat Right Angle Weave.
Techniques: Circular Peyote, Right Angle Weave
Materials: Click HERE
Kit: $90.00 
Kit Color Options: Click HERE
Students should bring: Lighting/Magnification, your usual beading supplies.




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