Fall 2021 Workshops

Heart of Texas Zoom Retreat

October 1 – October 3, 2021   SOLD OUT!

October 8 – October 10, 2021


Melissa Grakowsky Shippee

Melissa Grakowsky Shippee

Melissa G Shippee is a published beadwork designer who teaches workshops internationally, contributes regularly to books and magazines, and illustrates diagrams for other instructors. She studied physics and art in college but turned her attention to beads when motherhood changed the direction of her life. She is inspired by nature and patterns found in nature, especially plant life.

Her publications and contributions include two full-length instructional beading books called Beautiful Beadwork from Nature and I Can Herringbone, as well as projects in Beadwork Magazine, Bead & Button Magazine, Bead Star Magazine, Perlen Poesie, and Beading All Stars.

Melissa has been a Beadwork Magazine Designer of the Year and a Starman Trendsetter, and also won awards for her bead artistry.

To view more of Melissa’s designs, visit MGS Designs

Twining Vine Necklace

Description:  The word “twining” in the project’s name describes the helical winding of vine tendrils around another stem or object. This project uses a combination of bead embroidery and bead weaving with seed beads plus glimmering Preciosa crystals, pearls, and crystal banding to construct this truly unique beading project. The piece works up extremely quickly and is more lightweight than it seems!
Workshop:  This workshop is designed for The Heart of Texas Fall 2021 Bead Retreat
Skill level: Intermediate
Techniques: Bead embroidery, Brick stitch, Tubular Herringbone
Materials: Preciosa crystal stones, sew-on metal settings, Preciosa crystal banding, Japanese seed beads, nonwoven stitching base, Ultrasuede or cork fabric backing
Kit: $65  – Kit is Mandatory
Students should bring: Fabric glue, size 10-12 beading needles, embroidery needles, choice of beading thread to coordinate with kit color selected; Lighting/Magnification, your usual beading supplies
Kit Colors: Click HERE


Leslee Frumin

Leslee Frumin

My roots as an artist run deep, back to my childhood. I loved to see my mother get dressed up–hair done, make-up on, fancy dress and shoes, jewelry, perfume and of course an evening bag to complement the look. I loved those evening bags–some with rhinestones, some made from metal, and others were plastic. The most elegant were beaded. From this, my passion for “fancy stuff” was born. This vision of my “mother dressing up” combined with the ability to work with my hands has enabled me to pursue my passion and recreate my childhood memories in my art. Today, this manifests itself in a body of work that displays simple, unique and elegant combinations of beads, metals and stones.

As an adult, two other influences helped me hone my vision–my teachers and my students. My teachers helped shape my focus, hone my skills and stimulate my art. My students taught me to “look through the eyes of others” which dramatically expanded my color horizon and palette. Without their help, I would never have dreamed such color combinations nor dared to use them.

Nothing excites me more than mixing colors and textures sprinkled with shiny, matte, translucent and opaque beads, metals and stones to add depth and impact. Whether using clean lines or embellishing the pieces to the “nines”, my artistic goal remains to create “simple elegance”.

My mother would approve!

To view more of Leslee’s designs, visit Leslee Frumin

Teardrop Lariat

Description:  Learn to bezel two sizes of pear-shaped stones and connect them seamlessly to a sleek chain. Close the chain in front with a double bead-woven button closure. Create the neck chain length you prefer. This stunning lariat is sure to garner many compliments.
Workshop: This workshop is designed for The Heart of Texas Fall 2021 Bead Retreat
Skill level: Intermediate
Techniques: Peyote, Right Angle Weave, Ndebele (herringbone), Square Stitch
Kit: $55  – Kit is Mandatory
Students should bring: Lighting/Magnification, your usual beading supplies
Kit Colors: Click HERE

Liisa Turunen

Liisa Turunen

Liisa threaded her first beading needle back in 1994. Beading as a hobby she went on to become a massage therapist, esthetician, and got her nursing degree in Finland. But in 2006 beads wove her back in. Since then she has spent her time fully submerged in beads! She has been working professionally as a designer and teacher since 2006.

Liisa has taught at the Bead & Button shows and Bead Fest shows. Along with beads her other major obsession is with cats. Often volunteering in her local shelter and fostering kittens! Cats have been her biggest inspiration in her designing process. And just like cats, her designs are known for being classic, ageless, and graceful . . . With a few hairballs thrown into the mix.

Liisa was named one of Beadwork magazine’s Designer of the Year in 2014.

To view more of Liisa’s designs, visit Liisa Turunen

 Nahla Necklace / Bracelet

Description: This project provides the option of making a necklace or a bracelet. Created with beautiful pearls, chatons and Japanese beads the layered squares become wearable art!
Workshop: This workshop is designed for The Heart of Texas Fall 2021 Bead Retreat
Skill level:
Cubic Right Angle Weave, Peyote, RAW
Japanese Seed Beads, Cylinder Beads, Crystal Pearls, Beads, Chatons, Magnetic Clasp
$126 for either the Necklace or Bracelet Kit – Kit is Mandatory
Students should bring:
Lighting/Magnification, your usual beading supplies
Kit Colors:
Silver & Gold, -Black & Gold, or -Purple, Bronze & Blue See colors HERE




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